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00 Custom 2014
Italian Spruce, Acacia, 1-23/32" Nut
Condition: Excellent
Price: SOLD

Bourgeois guitars are built in Lewiston, Maine by a small cadre of craftsmen who built just 400 or so guitars annually.  While Bourgeois guitars have a decidedly vintage Martin style to them, they have their own distinctive voice and are engineered to Dana's own modern standards.  Offered here is a lovely little Bourgeois 00 Custom built in 2014.

This beautiful little instrument has a figured Italian Spruce top, back and sides made from  Acacia (Australian Blackwood) and is constructed with hide glue.  The 14 fret Mahogany neck  has a 25" string scale, 1-23/32" bone nut and 2.2" string spacing. Cosmetic touches include Zircote binding, Dana's signature wood backstrip, a Zircote headstock overlay, a Dalmatian style pickguard, gold Waverly tuners with Snakewood buttons, fozzilized Mamoth Ivory fingerboard inlays and bone bridge and end pins. (Note 9/25/19 spec changes).

Play this little sweetheart and you immediately notice it's well-balanced tone and responsiveness.  Each string and note are clear and distinctive with lots of midrange depth.  Like Koa, to which it is similar, Acacia has a voice which is a nice compromise between the warmth of Mahogany and the clarity of Rosewood making it a perfect tonewood choice.  Please listen to the brief sound sample provided; I think you will agree this little beauty sounds even better than it looks!

Bourgeois guitars utilize a modern, bolt-on neck design, variations of which are being adopted by more and more builders of high end acoustic guitars.  This design ensures an extremely precise neck angle and makes any future adjustments that may be necessary a relatively simple affair.  With it's modern neck joint, it's thin, double-action truss rod and carbon fiber neck reinforcement, Bourgeois guitars play like a dream.  This one is set up with 12th fret string heights of 5/64" on the low E side and 4/64" on the high E side with a touch of neck relief.  It is strung with Elixir Phosphor Bronze lights and nearly plays itself!

As if all this was not enough, this guitar is also in excellent condition.  I find just one tiny impression on the top (see photo) which keeps me from calling this guitar flawless.  The frets show no observable wear.  It comes in it's original TKL premium case, also is superb condition.

Make this lovely little Bourgeois yours for a price that is at least $2K less than it would cost you for a new example.  What a sweetheart of a guitar!
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