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​​​Charis (Bill Wise)
SJ Mid-Depth
Sitka, Honduran Rosewood 2018
Condition: Mint
Price: SOLD
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Offered is this fantastic Charis Small Jumbo Mid-Depth built by Bill Wise just this year. You can expect to see more and more Charis guitars on this website as I've become a lover of Bill's work. Charis instruments are often compared to the work of Jim Olson, but are offered at a significantly lower price point. If you are a fingerstyle player looking for a high quality performance guitar, do yourself a big favor and read on.

This Charis SJ Mid-Depth is a 14 fret, standard scale (25.6") instrument. It has a 15.25" wide lower bout, a waist that is just 9.375" wide, an overall body length of 19.5" and a depth that ranges from 3.375" to 3.875."  These depth measurements are 1/2" less deep than his regular models, a spec which has little impact on the guitar's output, but significantly improves it's playing comfort. The top is made of beautifully clean and straight Sitka Spruce and the back and sides are made of gorgeous set of Honduran Rosewood. The binding is East Indian Rosewood and the beautiful rosette is made of Abalone. The neck is a five piece design made of alternating layers of Mahogany, Maple and Rosewood making it very strong and allowing for a neck shape that is a relatively thin and sleek. The fretboard is Black Ebony with a 16" radius, MOP "Birds in Flight" inlays and a 1.75" bone nut. The Black Ebony bridge has 2-1/4" string spacing. Other options include a Rosewood trimmed body soundport and a clear plastic pickguard.

Rather than the typical dovetail neck joint, the Charis utilizes a bolt-on system like Kevin Ryan, McPherson and many other premium builders. You won't notice any difference unless it becomes necessary to make a repair, at which time the bolt-on method makes any fix far more simple.

​While designed with the fingerstylist in mind, it is a great strummer too. It has a huge voice with a strong bass end, clear highs and lots of note separation and sustain. The overall sound is nicely complex with lots of note to note separation and overtones. Please check out the brief sound sample and I trust you will agree.  

This guitar is smooth and easy to play thanks in part to the very sleek neck. The slightly slimmer body depth makes it oh so much more comfortable to play. It is setup with Elixir Phosphor Bronze light gauge strings with 12th fret string heights of 6/64" on the low E side and 4/64" on the high E side.

This 2018 model guitar was only recently completed and is in mint condition with no flaws of any significance. It comes in it's original Guardian hardshell case, also in mint condition, along with the original paper work and truss rod tool.

You can expect to see more Charis guitars in my inventory in the months ahead as I am really impressed with Bill's guitars.  Get this fabulous example and you too will become a fast fan of his work!
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