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​​Collings 0001 MH 
All Mahogany, 12-Fret, 2016
Condition: Excellent
Price: $3,499
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Every acoustic guitar collection needs at least one all-Mahogany instrument. Nothing can match a Mahogany guitar for smooth, warm tone. To address this need, offered is this sweet Collings 0001 MH built in 2016. 

This is a 12-fret, OM-sized guitar with a 25-1/2" scale.  The top, back, sides and neck are all built of beautiful Honduran Mahogany. It has tortise bindings, black/white/black/white top purfling, an upgraded Abalone rosette, an Ebony fretboard and pyramid bridge, bone nut and drop-in saddle, an Ebony headstock overlay and Waverly tuners. The nut width is 1-13/16" and the string spacing at the saddle is 2-5/16". The modified V-shaped neck has depth measurements of .85" at the 1st fret and .94" at the 9th fret and the guitar is perfectly setup with 12th fret string heights of 6/64" on the low E side and 4/64" on the high E side.

This 0001 MH is definitely a "comfort food" guitar. The tone is rich, warm and luscious! It is a lively guitar too. Dig in with your fingers or flatpick and this baby responds with superb note definition and lots of headroom.  Please check out the brief sound sample and video provided and I think you will concur! 

This beautiful guitar is in near mint condition. Just one tiny little impression on the back of the guitar is all I can find in the way of flaws and you will really have to search to find it (see photos). It all other respects it looks near new, frets included. and plays like it just came out of the Bourgeois shop and it could almost pass for new.  It comes in it's similarly clean original hardshell case.

This dark brown beauty could easily become your perfect couch buddy. A new example equipped like this one will cost you over $4,500 but this superb 2016 example can you yours for a grand less.  Make it yours before someone else befriends it first. A another marvelous acoustic instrument from Collings Guitars!

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