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Collings DS3 MhA SB Varnish
12-Fret Slope Dread, Adirondack, Mahogany, 1.75" Nut, 2013
Condition: Excellent -
Price: SOLD

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Few acoustic guitars offer the sonic power, clarity and physical beauty of the guitar offered here.  Check out this amazing Collings DS3 MhA SB Varnish built in 2013.  The "banjo killer" name certainly applies to this fabulous 12-fret slope shouldered dreadnought.

The DS3 is the fanciest version of Collings' 12-fret, 25.5" string scale, slope shouldered dreadnought line. According, this guitar has upgraded cosmetics including: body, neck and headstock binding; gold Waverly tuners; an Abalone-trimmed rosette; a multi-color backstrip; and upgraded purfling. This guitar also received an upgraded Adirondack Red Spruce top and was ordered with a lovely Mahogany set for the back and sides. The top is supported by pre-war style Sitka X bracing.  It has a Honduran Mahogany neck with Collings' Modified V neck profile with depth measurements of .88" at the 1st fret increasing to .96" at the 9th fret. The Black Ebony fretboard has 14"-26" compound radius, medium frets and was specified with a custom 1.75" bone nut and the additional flourish of a Abalone "Infinity" symbol inlay at the 12th fret.  The Ebony belly bridge has a bone saddle with 2-3/16" string spacing.  It has a slotted headstock with an Abalone "Torch" inlay and the aforementioned gold Waverly side mount tuners.  

If all this were not enough, this guitar has received the very best finish treatment that Collings could deliver; a gorgeous sunburst top, dark stain on the Mahogany and all topped with a gloss varnish finish to maximize the guitar's resonance, tone and output.  The sunburst and the varnish options alone add $3K to the cost of a Collings acoustic.

We are quite fond of 12-fret acoustics. The geometry of 12-fret guitar has a very positive effect on mid-range response and overall projection. This particular guitar takes the 12-fret slope dread to a whole new level with it's upgraded tone woods, elegant cosmetics, over-th-top varnish finish and it's fabulous Collings build-quality. It plays with superb ease and is set up with 12th fret string heights of 5/64" on the low side and 4/64" on the high side. It is quite light too, weighing under 4 pounds. The tone is full, clear and powerful. Please check out the brief sound sample provided - this guitar has a voice that cannot be ignored!

Built in 2013 this guitar is in fabulous condition, with just a tiny ding to keep me from calling it near mint. Near the top edge of the lower is a series of tiny impressions where the guitar took a bump somewhere along the line. This flaw isn't easy to find and I didn't You will have to turn the guitar just under intense lighting to find this flaw, but it is there and I've adjusted the price accordingly.  Otherwise, this guitar is in near mint condition and the frets show little to no wear.  It comes in it's similarly clean Collings/TKL case along with the original paperwork and tools.

To order this guitar equipped like this today would cost well over $9K and would require a significant wait.  Get this fantastic slope dread in great condition for thousands less.  This is one superb and gorgeous to behold 12-fret dread from genius Bill Collings (RIP).

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