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I-35 Deluxe 2008
Brazilian RW, Lollar Imperials
Condition: Near Mint
Price: SOLD
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Offered for your consideration is this Collings I-35 Deluxe with Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and completed in early 2008. The I-35 is of course Collings' take on the venerable Gibson ES semi-hollow. You will see a lot of these guitars in our inventory simply because they are among the very best semi-hollow electrics being built today. 

This guitar has a solid (not laminated) carved and a premium quilted Maple top (a $450 upgrade) with binding over a semi-hollow Mahogany body. This one has an Alder center block instead of the usual Maple. The neck is Collings medium/fat C-shape, measuring .865" at the first fret, increasing to .985" at the twelfth fret. The fretboard is Brazilian Rosewood (all specs confirmed with Mark Althans of Collings Guitars) with dot inlays and binding. The bone nut has a width of 1-11/16", the fretboard radius is 12". The pickups are Lollar Low Wind Imperials which sound superb in this guitar. The guitar weighs an incredibly light 6.6 pounds!

These I-35's are a joy to look at, play and listen to.  I don't know how Collings does it, but each of their  I-35 models plays like it was carved from a single block of wood.  This guitar in particular is light and resonant, with a voice that puts any ES-335 to shame (IMHO).  Please check out the brief sound sample included herein.  No matter what style of music you play, this guitar is a worthy tool for your creativity.

This guitar must have been a case queen. While completed in early 2008, it could easily pass for a new guitar.  You will need much better eyes than mine to find any sign of wear and the frets are spotless as well.  This one must have been a case queen.  It comes in its original TKL case, also in very fine condition.

You cannot order Brazilian Rosewood any longer from Collings at any price, but a new I-35 Deluxe with the other specs on this guitar will cost you well over $7K these days. Get this near mint 2008 example with the Brazilian and in near new condition for thousands less.  Just a marvelous semi-hollow electric ready to serve you for years to come.
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