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I-35 with ThroBaks 2018

Condition: Near Mint
Price: SOLD
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These Collings I-35's - it doesn't matter which model - are just so good that you will find lots of them on this website. Offered here is an I-35, a model which fits between their I-35 Deluxe and their I-35LC. This beauty was completed in early 2018 and remains in near mint condition.

The I-35 has a solid (not laminated) carved flame Maple top with a semi-hollow Mahogany body and a Maple center block. This example is finished in a relatively unique shade (for an I-35) of Candy Apple Red high gloss nitrocellulose lacquer.  It has a Mahogany neck with a nice medium-chunky C-shape and depth measurements of .866" at the first fret contouring up to .995" at the twelfth fret. It has a lovely dark Indian Rosewood fretboard with a 12" radius, medium frets and a 1-11/16" bone nut.  The electronics include upgraded ThroBak SLE-101 Plus humbuckers with 50's wiring and a traditional control layout. This guitar has a total weight of just 7 pounds, 5 ounces!

I've invested in and sold several dozen of these over the years for one simple reason; they are fabulous semi-hollow electric guitars and likely the best of this style available, regardless of price.  Like everyone I've played this example feels like it was carved from a single piece of lumber.  It is lively in its feel. is resonant and extremely easy to play.  The ThroBak pickups ordered on this guitar,  give it a particularly great voice. Please check out the brief sound sample I've included and I think you will agree. Even at clean levels this guitar has a tone that kills most any ES-335 you are going to find. Smooth and woody.  Add some gain and she will growl like an LP.

Completed in January, 2018 this condition of this guitar is such that it could likely pass for new.  It shows no flaws of any significance and the frets look like new.  It comes in it's original Collings / Ameritage case, also in like new condtion.

A new I-35 with the upgraded ThroBaks will run you $6,500.  Why not grab this beautiful 2018 model for $2,500 less?  With a Collings I-35 your satisfaction is virtually guaranteed.  Make this fabulous instrument yours today!

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