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'60 Stratocaster NOS 2010
9.50" Radius, 1.650" Nut, Large C Neck
Condition: Near Mint
Price: $2,599

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If you have been looking for a great Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster, one that is in fantastic condition and has all the right specifications,  then perhaps this is the instrument for you. Read on....

This Custom Shop Strat is in Fender's NOS format with no artificial aging. It is finished in a relatively rare finish, Charcoal Frost Metallic "Thin Skin" nitrocellulose lacquer. It has a two piece Alder body and a total guitar weight of 7.6 pounds, 11 ounces. The Maple neck on this guitar has a Large C-shape, with depth measurements of .875" at the 1st fret and .950" at the 12th. The gorgeous dark Rosewood fretboard has a 9.5" radius. 6105 frets and a 1.650" bone nut. The pickups are Custom Shop 69 single coils.

This guitar plays so smoothly and easily. The tone is vintage Strat with lots of quack and clarity, while the 69 single coils offer just a touch more output than the 60 series pickups most often found in this model. Listen to the provided sound sample and I think you will agree, this guitar sounds like a high-end Strat is supposed to sound!

While built in 2010, this guitar has seen limited home play only and has been meticulously maintained. You will be very hard pressed to find a flaw anywhere on it, frets included. It comes with it's similarly spotless original brown G&G case, with the certificate of authenticity and all the original paperwork and accessories.

Save yourself a cool grand $ less than buying new with this near mint 2010 example. A particularly nice Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster indeed!
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