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Artisan Koa Thinline Telecaster
Modern Specs, AAA Flame Neck, 2019
Condition: Near Mint
Price: $3,499

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If you are big on bling, offered here is one decked out Telecaster! Please check out this Fender Custom Shop Artisan Koa Thinline built earlier this year (2019) for Dave's Guitar. The Custom Shop has made a number of one-off Artisan Strats and Teles this year for some of their best dealers. Each derivation uses slightly different tone wood combinations and specs so that each dealer gets a unique piece for their inventory.

This beautiful Thinline has perhaps the best combination of specs that I have seen from this limited run. It has a semi-hollow Ash body with a highly figured Koa top with parchment binding that was hand-picked by Mike Born of the Custom Shop. The quartersawn neck is made of AAA grade Flame Maple with a '63 C shaped neck and depth measurements of .83" at the first fret and 1.00" at the 12th. It also received a very dark, AAA grade Rosewood fingerboard, with a 9.50" radius, medium/jumbo frets, a 1.650" nut and vintage clay position markers. The pickups are moderately "hot" Nocasters which are mounted directly to the guitar's body for maximum resonance and are combined with a contemporary Tele wiring setup. The pickguard and hardware are finished in gold. The guitar has a total weight of just 6 pounds, 5.4 ounces.

This instrument is playable fine art and it plays and sounds as good as it looks. It is light, plays like "butter" and the neck is just chunky enough to appeal to most any player. Tone-wise, there is a nice woody aspect to the Tele twang of this guitar. Please check out the brief sound sample provided.

​This guitar is in new condition, but let's just call it "near mint" in the event my old eyes missed some tiny insignificant imperfection (I don't think I did). The frets are similarly spotless. It comes in it's original G&G case with the certificate and all the other accessories that you would get with a new instrument. "Used" guitars do not come any nicer.

Similar, but not exact, examples of this guitar go for around $4,500 new if you can find one. Get this near new 2019 example for a cool grand less, albeit without the manufacturer's warranty as I am not an authorized dealer. Just a magnificent Thinline Telecaster.....

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