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Telecaster 1970 (Vintage)
Condition: Very Good
Price: $4,899

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Offered for your consideration is this lovely vintage 1970 Fender Telecaster, making this beauty 49 years young. Guitars like this cost a couple hundred dollars back then, but were the stuff of dreams for aspiring rock star teens like me and millions of other kids. Fast forward nearly half a century and this well preserved vintage piece is worth thousands rather than hundreds of dollars. My how times and costs have changed.

This Telecaster, serial number 291733 has a November, 1970 neck date. It has what appears to be an Alder body with it's original blonde vinish and it weighs just 7.85 pounds. It has a Maple neck with a medium C shape and depth measurements .87” at the 1st fret increasing to .97" at the 12th fret. It has a lovely Rosewood fretboard, with a 7.25" radius, a replaced 1.625" bone nut and it's original frets. The electronics appear all original and he pots date to the late 60's. Even the pickguard and the "F" style tuners look to be original. You should also note that this guitar still has the "notched" neck pocket of the earlier, pre-CBS Telecaster models.

There is no mistaking the tone of this guitar for anything but a real vintage Fender. Check out the brief sound sample provided and I think you will agree. With new strings and a setup she plays fabulously and the neck feels terrific.  Playing this guitar reminds me of my youth. What more could you ask for from a musical instrument!

It would be great if vintage guitars could tell us their story. Wherever this Tele has been, she has been well treated. The original finish and hardware still shine like a much newer guitar. She has her share of dings and the frets, the nut has been replaced, but this guitar is in great condition for a well-played instrument that is approaching a half century in age. A second string tree appears to have been installed in the headstock at some point, but has since been removed and the hole plugged. The original frets have been crowned and polished and have tons of life left in them (see photos). It comes in a new premium grade G&G case with it's original "ash-tray" bridge cover.

If you have been looking for a vintage Telecaster at a price point that won't make you homeless, this beautiful 1970 beauty is worthy of your consideration. It has a desirable neck shape, a decent weight, a Rosewood fretboard, is almost entirely original and is in superb condition. Make this sweetheart yours - you will be very glad you did!

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