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​​​Gibson Custom
'60 Les Paul Special
​Condition: Very Good
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If you have been looking for world class "Rock Machine" to add to your guitar arsenal, please read on.  Offered is this iconic Gibson Custom '60 LP Special built in 2010.

After more than 60 years, the Gibson Les Paul Special design remains a great example of the theory that "less is more." It is a simple design that is still in demand and is regularly copied by other builders to this day.

This 2010 reissue of this iconic guitar model is made entirely of Mahogany and in this case is finished in 60's Cherry lacquer. This one has a big chunky round 50's neck shape with depth measurements of .920" at the first fret increasing to 1.00" at the twelfth fret. It weighs just 7.6 pounds (7 pounds, 10 ounces) and is balanced perfectly, sitting or hung. It has a vintage style wrap-around bridge which maximizes resonance and tone and which includes adjusters for proper intonation.

Play this beauty and you immediately note how acoustically resonant it is and how well it plays. The big C neck simply feels awesome and certainly contributes to the guitar's great sound. The tone from the P-90 pickups is fat and woody and immediately recognizable as that of a Les Paul guitar. Please check out the brief sound sample included herein  This guitar can be subtle, but is meant to roar.  You don't need pedals with this guitar, just add gain and the pickups will do the rest.

This guitar served it's original owner well. This is no collector piece - this is a Gibson rock machine designed to be played hard, perform well and sound awesome. The neck is straight and the heavy "banjo" style frets remain in superb condition. Cosmetically, however, it shows it's share of impressions and dings, the worst of which are pictured. None of these issues impair this guitar's ability to serve as a high quality music tool.

The guitar comes in its original Gibson Custom case along with the certificate of authenticity and all the original hang tags.  This would make for a great slide guitar. The LP Special is a guitar design that will never go out of style. Make this fine example yours!

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