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NOS Vintage T 
Condition: Near Mint
Price: $2,499

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Offered here is an exceptional Tele-style guitar from Don Grosh. Don has been building high quality electrics since the early 80's when he managed Valley Arts production. In the early 90's he went off on his own and has been building super high quality instruments ever since. The NOS Vintage T is, obviously, Don's interpretation of the iconic Fender Telecaster. Many would argue that Don's version is better than the instrument it is modeled after.

This beautiful guitar has a fabulous Swamp Ash body with a Mary Kay Blonde transparent lacquer finish. The guitar has a total weight of just 7 pounds, 10 ounces. It has a Maple neck with Don's Medium/Large Roundback carve and depth measurements of .850" at the first fret increasing to .950" at the twelfth fret. It has a beautiful dark Indian Rosewood fretboard with a 10" radius, a 1.625" nut and 6150 (medium) fret wire. It has a mint green pickguard and locking vintage style tuners. The original electronics include two Grosh hand-wound Tele single coils along with a classic Tele control setup and modern wiring.  However, the original owner swapped out the Grosh electronics for a set of Lollar Special T single coils along with a high quality Emerson wiring harness with paper and oil cap.  The original pickups and wiring harness are also included with the guitar. 

Grosh guitars are made in very small quantities and each guitar rivals or exceeds the quality of instruments emanating from Fender's Custom Shop. Don is known for his exemplary fret work and the playability of this instrument will astound you. The tone is crisp and twangy without being piercing. Please check out the brief sound sample included and I trust you will agree.  I was going to reinstall the original electronics, but the guitar sounds so good as is, that I left the Lollars and the Emerson harness installed.

This beauty was built in 2017 and virtually no cosmetic flaws of any significance. The frets are flawless too. It comes in it's similarly mint Grosh style G&G case with the western style trim and includes the original certificate/spec sheet along with the original Grosh pickups and wiring harness and a second single ply white pickguard should you wish to change the look of the guitar.

Get yourself this extremely high quality Tele-style instrument from Don Grosh. Once you play a Grosh instrument, you are likely to come back for more. Highly recommended!
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