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Sable 2017
Full Size, Carbon Fiber
Condition: Excellent
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No other material is likely to ever replace wood as the ideal base material for guitar production, but there are circumstances where one needs a guitar that can stand up to the elements and levels of abuse that a wood instrument cannot. In those difficult circumstances, the Kevin Michael Sable, by McPherson, is the best that current technology has produced as an alternative to the wood guitar.

The Sable is a full size carbon fiber guitar (unlike it's 3/4 size stable mate the Touring). The Sable's body, neck, fretboard and bridge are all made of carbon fiber, a high tech material that has one of the highest strenghth to weight ratios of any material currently made. This construction makes the guitar impervious to the type of temperature and humidity fluctuations which would destroy a wood based instrument.

The Sable is approximately the size of a Grand Concert guitar. It has a total length of 41-3/4", an upper bout that is 10-3/4" wide, a waist width of 9.5", a lower bout that is 15" wide and a depth of 4". It has a 25.5" string scale with 14 frets free of the body. It has a 1-3/4" nut width and 2-3/16" string spacing at the bridge. The carbon fiber neck is a very soft V shape with depth measurements of .85" at the first fret and .92" at the twelfth fret. It utilizes a patented compensated Tusq nut and saddle for very accurate intonation. It has McPherson's cantilevered neck joint and offset sound hole and has a factory-installed L.R Baggs pickup system for live play. The Sable weighs in at 5.4 pounds, about a pound heavier than a wood guitar because of it's unique neck joint hardware and the carbon fiber construction.

Play the Sable for the first time and the tone will amaze you. It has a voice that is big, bold and very distinct, with lots of note to note clarity. My ears and brain found it hard to accept that an instrument made from such a durable feeling material could have such a lovely, guitar-like tone. Please check out the brief sound sample I have included. Great sound! Plug the Sable into an amplifier and you will be amazed all over again, as you immediately hear what a great live performance instrument this could be.

The Sable plays great too and comes with two saddles, for low and medium action. The guitar is currently setup with the low action saddle and light gauge Elixir strings with 12th fret string heights of 6/64" on the low E side and 4/64" on high E side.

This example remains in excellent condition, as there is little you can do to harm this instrument absent driving a vehicle over it. Near the offset sound hole there is one tiny flaw that is under the finish and that can only be seen from certain angles (see photo). This aside, this guitar looks like new and the frets remain in near mint condition as well. It comes in it's similarly nice faux carbon fiber case along with the paperwork, sound hole insert and the extra saddle.

New examples of this instrument have a street price of $2,999 and used examples like this one tend to get scooped up rather quickly. Make this nearly indestructible, yet great sounding and playing instrument yours today!​
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