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Fly Deluxe (Pre-Refined Era) 2000
Condition: Near Mint!
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We love the work of Ken Parker. We've purchased and sold dozens of these fine and very cool guitars over the years. With their unique design elements, high tech materials and exotic electronics, there is really no other instrument quite like a Parker guitar. Unfortunately, Parkers are no longer being manufactured, so it appears that those already in circulation are all there will be.

Offered here is a superb and near mint "pre-refined" era Parker Fly Deluxe in Ruby Rd finish. Built in 2000, this Deluxe has all of the revolutionary design elements that genius Ken Parker envisioned for the Fly when it was originally introduced in 1993. Many of these features, such as the exposed balance wheel and four button controls, were eliminated in later versions in an effort to control manufacturing costs. Many Parker aficionados are adamant that these pre-2003 guitars, built while Ken still owned the company, are the best Parkers that were ever produced.

This guitar has a Basswood body and a Poplar neck. The electronics include DiMarzio humbuckers and the piezo saddles and pre-amp. It has the original Fly features, including the aforementioned face-mounted balance wheel, four-button control layout, the push-button piezo activation switch, etc. It weighs just 4.8 pounds and plays like butter. It sounds great too, as evidenced by the provided sound sample. 

Despite being nearly two decades old, this guitar is in near new condition. In fact, I don't think I've ever had a "Pre-Refined Era" Parker in such superb condition. It shines like a new instrument. The virtually impregnable stainless steel frets are similarly spotless. It comes with two cases; it's original gig bag and and a well-worn Parker molded hardshell case from the appropriate era.  The hardshell case is ugly, but completely functional.  The guitar comes with most of it's original accessories, including the trem arm, three trem springs, tools, the "Bullwinkle" hanger and Parker booklet.

With the cessation of production, all Parker models are in demand and prices are increasing rapidly. Clean examples, particularly super clean "pre-refined" guitars like this Deluxe, are sure to be collectibles. Make this beauty yours today!

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