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Rocket '59 2015

Condition: Excellent -
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Offered is this very cool Rocket '59 built by talented UK luthier Damien Probett.  When I first saw this guitar advertised a couple of years ago, I wasn't impressed enough to search one out. Now that I've played one, however, I really dig this guitar and I think you will too!

The concept behind this model is simple. Build a high quality Les Paul-style instrument with a familiar double-cut body shape.  This guitar has a high quality one-piece Mahogany body with a flame Maple top.  Like a Les Paul, it has a short scale Mahogany neck glued into the body with a long neck tenon.  The neck has a chunky C-shape with depth measurements of .90" at the first fret increasing to .98" at the twelfth fret.  It has a Rosewood neck with a 12" radius, medium/jumbo frets and a 1.693" bone nut.  Like a Stratocaster, it has a double cut shape with body contours which keep it comfortable and light in weight.  It has a Pigtail intonatable wrap-around bridge with locking posts.  The electronics include custom-voiced PAF style humbuckers with quality wiring components and controls that could have come right off of a Les Paul.  It is finished in nitrocellulose lacquer with binding and other cosmetic touches which make it look and feel like a Les Paul.  This one weighs in at 8.0 pounds and is perfectly balanced.

Pick this beauty up and it immediately feels both familiar and different.  It also feels fantastic!  Just think of it as a short scale, mahogany-based Strat with dual humbuckers, a chunky neck and LP cosmetics.  Alternatively, think of it as a quality LP-style instrument with body contours, lighter weight and the shape of a Strat.  Either way, this guitar delivers.  It plays and sounds like a great LP and it looks great too.  Please check out the brief sound sample provided. The LP genetics of this fine guitar are easily identified.

This guitar has been played, but it also received light aging at Damien's workshop.  It shows a considerable amount of very fine finish checking and a few tiny dings on the back from shirt buttons and the like (see photos).  I'm not sure where the intentional aging ends and the player wear begins, but in any event, this guitar remains in excellent condition and the frets are in superb condition.  It comes in it's original Hiscox case, which like the guitar, is made in the United Kingdom.

These go for about $5K new, but this nice used example can be yours for a bunch less.  It you would like to try a very high quality instrument that is both new and familiar, perhaps this superb Probett Rocket '59 will appeal to you.  Make it yours - you will be very glad you did!

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