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Mirari  ​​
Condition: Excellent -

Offered is this incredible Ronin Mirari built in 2018, one of the last built before Izzy ceased production.  I bought my first of these after reading David Hunter's review of the Mirari in Guitar Player. I was a blown away with the first example I played and I continue to buy them whenever I get the (rare) chance.  Let me tell you, this is one very cool guitar!

The Mirari's body is made from very old reclaimed Redwood, the supply of which I understand is now fully depleted. It is a very light guitar and is extremely resonant. The total weight of this example is just 7 pounds, 2 ounces. It is lightly finished in nitrocellulous lacquer.

The neck on the Mirari is made of a very high grade of Honduran Mahogany and is hand-shaped. It feels fabulous, like a very fine piece of antique furniture. The neck carve on this guitar is a C-shape with depth measurements of .89" at the 1st fret and .93" at the 12th. The fretboard is made from very high quality Rosewood and is very dark and rich looking with clay dot markers. This fretboard has a 11" radius, the nut is 1-11/16" wide and the frets are medium/jumbos.

In addition to it's fine tonewoods, it is the electronics which give the Mirari it's unique character. This guitar is bestowed with a matched set of Ronin's own Foilbucker pickups. These pickups are (were) built in-house and designed to reproduce the tone of vintage DeArmond units. Only Gil Yaron "Airgap" pickups sound remotely like these to my ears. You can tell you are playing a humbucker when you crank them up; they have a great overdriven sound and don't get muddy. At lower volumes these pickups give the Mirari an airy clarity and chime that is marvelous. I'm generally a neck pickup player, but the fat richness of these Foilbuckers allows me to use and enjoy both pickups and all three switch positions. Coil splitting is available on each pickup to give you even more flexibility. You will really love the sounds this guitar can produce!  Please check out the brief sound sample included herein.

The controls on this guitar are extensive.  You get a master volume, a tone switch and a coil split button for each pickup.  With this guitar you also get Ronin's optional "Magic Button."  This button activates internal piezo electronics which can be used to add some additional resonance and "fatness" to the sound of the guitar.  Players who are more experimental than I can use this feature to turn the body of the guitar into a percussion instrument. This particular Mirari also has David Torn's "Tornipulator" circuitry in the upper bout.  This system includes a body mounted microphone, a switch which bypasses the guitar's pickups and activates the microphone, a "noise" switch and a "kill" switch. The Tornipulator is not a feature most guitarists are likely to use often and is designed to help experimental players introduce feedback and other sounds to their playing.  A internet search will lead you to additional information on this exotic Torn-designed circuitry.

The Mirari is a  very light, resonant and particularly playable instrument. I particularly love the "old" feel of the hand-carved Mahogany neck. This guitar is so well setup that it almost seems to plays itself. With it's fine Mannmade trem bridge and Hipshot tuners, the tuning stability is superb. The rich tone of these relatively unique pickups is just icing on the cake.

This fabulous guitar is in near mint condition except for one indentation near the aluminum pickguard (see photo) from a dropped screw driver (*#@^!). The frets show zero wear. It comes in it's original Reunion Blues soft case along with Izzy's hand-written cert/spec sheet and the trem arm.

Mirari's were extremely hard to find, even when they were still in production.  Now that they are out of production, they will be nearly impossible to find and I had to pay dearly for this example.  Get this magnificent beast while you can.   A unique and very cool instrument indeed!

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